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When planning a visit to Spain, I expect your thoughts immediately turn to hotels.

But don't dash into booking a hotel ... consider for a moment all the other wonderful accommodation options open to you ...

... appealing paradors, rock-bottom priced hostels, comfortable holiday apartments ... even escape-from-the-world monasteries!

hotel information for spain - hotels

hotel information for spain

Hotels in Spain are classified with a five-star rating system - with only the super deluxe obtaining five stars.

The average vacation package deal would place you in a three- or four-star hotel - occasionally a two star - all of which should have good facilities, with en-suite private bathroom and air conditioning.

A one-star hotel is less common, as hostels and pensions tend to cater for the budget traveler.

hotel information for spain - hostels and pensions

hotel information for spain Hostels vary between one and three stars - often family-owned and run.

Before the mass tourism of the 60s, hostels were extremely basic but these days you'll often obtain good accommodation and restaurants at a reasonable price.

At the bottom end of the scale are the cheap pensions.

The best of them do offer a clean, family environment at a reasonable price - but you'll not often get your own bathroom.

Excellent for students or anyone wanting to see a different side of Spain.

Click here for a directory and reviews of Spain's hostels and pensions.

hotel information for spain - paradores

The origins of paradores go back to 1910, when the Spanish Government assigned Marqu s de la Vega Incl n the task of creating a hotel infrastructure to improve Spain s image abroad.

As a result, paradores can be found in converted castles, palaces and monasteries - as well as newly-constructed ones in beautiful, unspoilt areas.

You'll find a directory of them here, and can download a FREE Guide to Parador Hotels here.

hotel information for spain - monastery hotels

Maybe you're seeking peace and quiet and want to retreat from the hectic world?

Spain's the ideal place for this! You'll discover over a thousand religious centres, of which some 600 take guests.

Read up on how to book into a monastery in Spain, and check out contact details.

holiday apartments

hotel information for spain

When staying in Spain's cities, hotel accommodation can work out extremely expensive, the best hotels often being already fully booked.

Depending on your holiday destination - for example Barcelona - renting a holiday apartment often works out cheaper and offers a more home-from-home touch to your holiday.

Those of you planning to stay in Barcelona will find this page interesting.

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Enjoy planning your stay in Spain!

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