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on this page, you'll find a list of cities of Spain plus map of provinces of Spain ...

Spain's 17 autonomous communities or regions are divided into 50 provinces.

These 50 provinces each has its own capital city.

Generally - though not always - these capital cities carry the same name as their province.

Below is a map of provinces of spain, followed by listings of the names of the actual provinces.

Where the name of the capital city differs from that of its province, you'll find the capital city in brackets afterwards.

Nothing in brackets? The name of the province and its capital are one and the same!

Towards the end of this page, discover also a list of Spain's glorious World Heritage Cities - all of them absolutely ideal for interesting holidays.

map of provinces of spain

map of provinces of spain

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provinces/list of cities of spain 1-10

1. La Coru a
2. Lugo
3. Asturias (Oviedo)
4. Cantabria (Santander)
5. Vizcaya (Bilbao)
6. Guip zcoa (San Sebasti n)
7. Navarra (Pamplona)
8. Huesca
9. Lleida
10. Girona

provinces/list of cities of spain 11-20

11. Barcelona
12. Tarragona
13. Zaragoza
14. La Rioja (Logro o)
15. lava (Vitoria-Gasteiz)
16. Burgos
17. Palencia
18. Le n
19. Orense
20. Pontevedra

provinces/list of cities of spain 21-30

21. Zamora
22. Valladolid
23. Segovia
24. Soria
25. Salamanca
26. Avila
27. Madrid
28. Guadalajara
29. Teruel
30. Castell n

provinces/list of cities of spain 31-40

31. Valencia
32. Cuenca
33. Toledo
34. C ceres
35. Badajoz
36. Ciudad Real
37. Albacete
38. Alicante
39. Murcia
40. Almeria

provinces/list of cities of spain 41-50

41. Granada
42. Ja n
43. C rdoba
44. M laga
45. C diz
46. Sevilla
47. Huelva
48. Islas Baleares (Palma de Mallorca)
49. Santa Cruz de Tenerife
50. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

list of cities of spain - world heritage cities

Spain is the country with the largest number of World Heritage Cities - a much-coveted title bestowed by UNESCO to places of great cultural interest.

Spain has eleven and I have placed the province in brackets should it differ to the city s name.

- Alcal de Henares (Madrid)
- vila
- C ceres
- C rdoba
- Cuenca
- Ibiza (Islas Baleares)
- Salamanca
- San Cristobal de la Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
- Santiago de Compostela (La Coru a)
- Segovia
- Toledo

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