Detailed Map of Spain ...

Detailed Map of Spain

The fairly Detailed map of Spain above gives an idea of the layout of this lovely land - where to encounter main cities, seas, coastlines, etc.

Should you require larger maps once in the country, I suggest you head for your nearest Corte Inglés - a large Spanish department store liberally sprinkled throughout Spain, selling just about anything!

Also, book stores/large newsagents will stock them.

Or, you could buy one online from Amazon before departing.

For now, let´s take a brief look at the geographical divisions of this varied land, in preparation for your visit ...

map of spain - geographical overview

- situated in south-west Europe
- occupies four-fifths of Iberian Peninsula
- Portugal to its west
- Andorra and France to its north
- bathed by Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Cantabrian Sea
- divided into 17 autonomous communities/regions and 50 provinces
- geographically divides into North, Central, Mediterranean, South and Islands (see below).

map of spain - spain north

North or Green Spain encompasses ancient monasteries and bagpipes of Galicia ... quaint fishing villages of cider-producing Asturias ... elegant coastal resorts and ancient cave paintings of Cantabria.

Encounter gourmet Basque country ... picturesque Navarra ... wine-producing La Rioja.

The great Pyrenees Mountain chain - stretching from Bay of Biscay to Mediterranean Sea - forms a natural barrier with France.

And the pretty, northerly coast is only a three-hour drive from Madrid.

map of spain - central spain

True Don Quijote land, this massive plain on its high table - Meseta Central - is divided by mountain chains ...

... Sierra de Guadarrama ... Sierra de Gredos ... Montes de Toledo ... in between which, valleys and rapids abound.

The country´s vibrant capital - Madrid - rests in this part of Spain.

Also, numerous ancient towns and World Heritage Sites - several only an hour from Madrid ...


The Iberian Peninsula´s easterly side - Cap de Crues to the Gulf of Mazarrón - houses Spanish Mediterranean land of Catalonia ... Valencia ... Murcia.

Gorgeous beaches ... fascinating inland villages ... also home to Spain´s second and third cities - Barcelona and Valencia.

Famous worldwide for its fabulously healthy diet - the renowned Mediterranean Diet of golden olive oil, brightly-colored vegetables, fresh sea food and local red wine (in moderation!).

southern spain

Spain´s largest region - Andalucia - offers up exotic, elegant cities such as Seville ... Granada ... Málaga ...

Once the poorest region, it is now a popular tourist destination - thanks to beautiful beaches (Costa del Sol), colorful countryside, marvelous mountains and fantastic heritage.

Home of flamenco and bullfighting, it houses the deepest Arabian influence in Europe.

map of spain - spain´s islands

These include the Balearics and Canary Islands.

Beautiful Balearics - set in the Mediterranean Sea - include Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

Paradisiac Canary Islands - situated in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa - comprise the seven larger islands of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma, Gomera and Hierro, plus a few smaller ones.

Constant mild temperature throughout the year, splendid beaches (a few with the famed "black" sand) and marvelous vegetation all contribute to year-round popularity.

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