Spanish Female Names English Translation
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Spanish female names English translation: Seeking inspiration for the ideal Spanish girls name?... Then check out this list of Spanish names for girls, complete with origins and meanings. Towards the end of the page, you'll discover a link to a list of Spanish boy names. And, if you wish to browse thousands of Spanish names, the Kindle book mentioned could be for you.

Although not quite so popular in more recent years, traditionally, many frequently-used Spanish names for girls have been in some way connected to the Virgin Mary... You'll come across several in the list below.

For example, Consolaci n or Consuelo means consolation and is taken from the title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Se ora del Consuelo, meaning Our Lady of Consolation.

Mar a is probably the best-known of Spanish female names - again, because of religious connotations - and was often used as a double-barrel name, for example Mar a Jos or Mar a Teresa.

In the Spain of to-day, there is a slight drift away from Biblical, Saints' names, and double-barrel names, with parents-to-be considering more international names, and taking into account the sound of the name and its meaning.

Have fun browsing through the list below ... I hope it sparks off some ideas for suitable names for your baby-to-be.

spanish female names english translation - A-E

ADALIA (Germanic) - noble one
ALBA (Latin) - bright, white; dawn
ALEGR A (Spanish) - cheerful, happy
ALEJANDRA (Greek) - defender of mankind
ALICIA (Germanic) - noble
AMPARO (Spanish) - protected
NGELA (Greek) - messenger, messenger of God
BEATRIZ (Latin) - blessed; she who brings happiness
BENIGNA (Latin) - kind
BERTA (Germanic) - bright, illustrious
BLANCA (Latin) - white, fair, pure
CARMELA (Hebrew) - garden; vineyard
CARMEN (Latin) - song
CLEMENTINA (Latin) - merciful
CONSOLACI N/CONSUELO (Latin) - consolation, comfort. Refers to Nuestra Se ora del Consuelo - the Virgin Mary
CRUZ (Latin) - Cross
D BORA (Hebrew) - bee
DIANA (Latin) - divine
DOROTEA (Greek) - gift of God
ELENA (Greek) - light, ray, shining light
ENCARNACI N (Latin) - Incarnation of Jesus in his moother Mary
ESMERALDA (Latin) - emerald
ESPERANZA (Latin) - hope
ESTELA (Latin) - star
EVA (Hebrew) - life

spanish female names english translation - F-J

FELICIANA (Latin) - fortunate, happy
FIDELIA (Latin) - faithful, true, loyal
FLOR/FLORA (Latin) - flower
GLORIA (Latin) - glory
GRACIA (Latin) - blessing, favour
HILARIA (Latin) - cheerful, happy
INMACULADA (Latin) - without stain. Refers to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.
ISABEL (Hebrew) - God's promise, consecrated to God
JACINTA (Greek) - hyacinth
JOSEFINA (Hebrew) - God will add, God will increase
JUANA (Hebrew) - God is gracious

spanish female names english translation - K-O

KAREN (Greek) - pure
LETICIA (Latin) - joy
LUC A (Latin) - light, bringer of light
LUZ (Latin) - light: Nuestra Se ora de Luz - our Lady of Light - is another name for the Virgin Mary
MAITE (Latin) - light, bringer of light
MANUELA (Hebrew) - God is with us
MARGARITA (Greek) - pearl
MAR A (Hebrew) - bitter, sea of bitterness
MARTA (Aramaic) - lady, mistress of the house
MATILDA (Germanic) - powerful battler
MERCEDES (Latin) - mercies. Refers to Our Lady of Mercies
NATALIA (Latin) - birthday. Refers to the birthday of Christ
NER IDA (Greek) - sea nymph
NIEVES (Latin) - snows. Refers to the purity of the Virgin Mary
NOEMI (Hebrew) - pleasant, delightful
OFELIA (Greek) - helper
OLIVIA (Latin) - olive tree - a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and peace

spanish female names english translation - P-T

PABLA/PAOLA (Latin) - small; humble
PACIFICA (Latin) - peaceful
PALOMA (Latin) - dove
PATRICIA (Latin) - noblewoman
PERLA (Latin) - jewel, pearl
RAFAELA (Hebrew) - God has healed
RAMONA (Germanic) - wise protector, protecting hands
RAQUEL (Hebrew) - ewe; innocence of a lamb
RENATA (Latin) - reborn, born again
ROBERTA (Old English) - famous brilliance
ROC O (Spanish) - dewdrops. Refers to Mary of the Dew
ROSA (Latin) - rose
SARA (Hebrew) - princess; pure, happy
SILVIA (Latin) - from the forest
SOF A (Greek) - wisdom
SOLEDAD (Latin) - solitude. Refers to the Virgin Mary
SONIA (Greek) - wise, wisdom
TEODORA (Greek) - gift of God
TERESA (Greek) - late summer; reaper, harvester
TRINIDAD (Latin) - triad; Trinity - referring to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

spanish female names english translation - U-Z

RSULA (Latin) - little bear
VICTORIA (Latin) - victory
VIVIANA (Latin) - full of life
WANDA (Slavic/Germanic) - tribe of the Vandals; wanderer
XOANA (Hebrew) - God is compassionate and merciful
YOLANDA (Hebrew) - violet flower
ZOE (Greek) - life

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