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Villa For Rent In Spain

A holiday villa for rent in Spain, preferably with a swimming pool, is perfect for families and could prove quite cost-effective if you are travelling in a group.

Some of them are very basically-equipped, specifically designed for vacation rentals, and often rented through agents outside Spain. Others can be luxurious or, perhaps, real homes let by their owners in the hope of making a little money from their property until they can retire to enjoy it full time.

So, do make sure you check exactly what you will be getting for your money.

There are also many self-catering apartments as well, and these usually have communal facilites such as swimming pools, bars, play areas, etc.

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There are thousands of holiday companies, specialising in vacation rentals, which bring people to Spain for two- or three-week self-catering vacations.

These are becoming more and more popular, especially for young families who prefer to stay away from hotels. Such companies advertise their villa rental Spain deal in both local and international publications, but it is wise to ensure that the company is sound and legally registered.

As well as holiday companies, you will find private individuals advertising in local and international publications. You can often come up with a fine villa rental Spain this way, but you will have to be extra careful checking out the person who is letting it plus the terms and conditions involved.

Another way of finding your villa for rent in Spain is through a Spanish real estate agency who has connections with an establishment in your local country.

And, of course, at your local travel agents you will surely find many brochures offering self-catering vacation rentals along with the usual vacation package deals.

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Once you have found a villa for rent in Spain or, perhaps, an apartment which suits your needs and your pocketbook, you will probably be asked to sign a rental contract.

If you are renting a holiday home for a self-catering visit to Spain, you will probably find this contract in your own language, to be signed in your own country before you leave with the rental company handling the property.

This is perfectly all right. Just make sure the rental company has a sound reputation. Sometimes the accommodation promised does not measure up to your expectations, so be alert and avoid possible disappointments.

Should you be organising your vacation rentals from inside Spain, you will also be asked to sign a contract. It should specify the amount of rent, the manner of payment, any deposit, what the rent includes and the time period.

It may well bear the heading por temporada which means short-term. This is to distinguish it from a long-term rental, called vivienda because long-term tenants have rights which short-term tenants do not.

These holiday contracts do not grant the tenant any right to automatic extension with their vacation rental Spain, and they require that the tenant vacate when the contract ends. In fact, even a contract running as long as 10 or 11 months may be a temporada or short-term contract.

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Finally, if you feel that your villa for rent in Spain does not meet the terms of your contract, or if your landlord has abused his side of the deal, you can complain.

As a genuine tourist, the tourist office of the province or town where the property is located will hear any complaint about your vacation rentals.

Should you be a semi-permanent resident, staying for longer than the usual few weeks, you will do better at the OMIC - the Oficina Municipal de Informaci n al Consumidor. This is the Consumer Information Office, usually directed by the regional government. Its mission is to deal with consumer problems and these include rents.

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I hope you enjoy that gorgeous villa for rent in Spain but, should it be beyond your means but you are a home-owner, remember that you do have the option of a holiday home exchange - it can be very economical as well as pleasurable.

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