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Spanish Numbers

The Spanish numbers are a good place to begin when you learn Spanish because they are fairly straight-forward and also very useful - for example, you will want to know what price vendors expect you to pay, and you will want to be able to express the amount that you require.

So, to start off with, numbers from 1 to 10 are as follows:

1 uno
2 dos
3 tres
4 cuatro
5 cinco
6 seis
7 siete
8 ocho
9 nueve
10 diez

There ... that wasn t too bad, was it!

Now, how about trying the 11 to 20? They are:

11 once
12 doce
13 trece
14 catorce
15 quince
16 diecis is
17 diecisiete
18 dieciocho
19 diecinueve
20 veinte

You re doing very well! So, shall we try 21 to 30?

21 veintiuno
22 veintidos
23 veintitres
24 veinticuatro
25 veinticinco
26 veintis is
27 veintisiete
28 veintiocho
29 veintinueve
30 treinta

Great! Now, how about 31 to 40? And, while you re learning them, work out the system used because the technique is the same for Spanish numbers 51-60, 61-70, etc.

31 treinta y uno
32 treinta y dos
33 treinta y tres
34 treinta y cuatro
35 treinta y cinco
36 treinta y seis
37 treinta y siete
38 treinta y ocho
39 treinta y nueve
40 cuarenta

Going up in tens, the Spanish numbers from 50 to 100 are as follows:

50 cincuenta
60 sesenta
70 setenta
80 ochenta
90 noventa
100 cien or ciento

That wasn t too bad, was it?! It just goes to show that to learn Spanish is not so hard! So ... let s continue!

200 doscientos
300 trescientos
400 cuatrocientos
500 quinientos
600 seiscientos
700 setecientos
800 ochocientos
900 novecientos
1000 mil

If, to use an example, you wanted to say the number 394, it would be "trescientos noventa y cuatro".

Now, just in case you have a lot of money to spend while you are in Spain, the Spanish numbers from 2,000 to 5,000 are:

2000 dos mil
3000 tres mil
4000 cuatro mil
5000 cinco mil etc, etc,

up to un mill n (a million) and beyond .....

So, do get down to what you have been promising yourself to do for a long time ... learn Spanish, even if it is just the Spanish numbers!

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