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Spanish Love Phrases and Valentine Phrases

“spanish love phrases – you can say these to the one you love or, better still, inscribe them in one of our free, printable Spanish greeting cards …”
First of all, if you’d like to download and print out a free Spanish Valentine card or romantic card, you can do so on our Spanish greeting card page.

On this page, we deal with short, romantic Spanish phrases. But, if you’re searching for longer romantic Spanish poems, just click on the links you’ll find further down this page.

And now, let’s take a look at Spanish words, followed by Spanish phrases, which should help you with your love life!

If you’re too shy to say them, you can always write them in one of the cards you’ve printed off!

To start with, there are a variety of ways of saying “I love you” in Spanish:

  • te quiero
  • te amo
  • te adoro

I’ve placed them in order of strength, the last one meaning more: “I adore you”.

You can add the word “mucho” at the end of any of the above phrases to mean “a lot”, eg te quiero mucho … I love you a lot.

Maybe it’s a little bit too soon to start declaring your love?…

In that case, why not say:

me gustas mucho – I like you a lot

So, what can you call the person you love?…

The most usual is cariño, which would mean “darling” in English. Here are a few more ideas for you …

  • mi príncipe – my prince
  • mi princesa – my princess
  • mi amor – my love
  • mi tesoro – my treasure

And, who are the people you love?…

  • novio – boyfriend
  • novia – girlfriend
  • marido – husband
  • mujer/esposa – wife
  • amante – lover



Now we’ve dealt with the main love words in Spanish, let’s take a look at simple, yet romantic, Spanish phrases and words of flattery:

  • eres hermosa – you’re beautiful
  • eres guapo – you’re handsome
  • te deseo – I want you
  • te necesito – I need you
  • bésame – kiss me
  • abrázame – hug me
  • estoy enamorado/a – I’m in love
  • me haces (muy) feliz – you make me (very) happy
  • siempre te amaré – I’ll always love you
  • me vuelves loco/a – you drive me crazy
  • eres el amor de mi vida – you’re the love of my life
  • ¿Quieres casarte conmigo? – Will you marry me?

And, remember, you can download a free, printable Spanish love card on our Spanish greeting card page.


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