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All About Spanish Reggae Music & Lyrics

Are you a Spanish Reggae Music fan?… Do you know where it originates?…
Reggae started off in Jamaica, and it was Spain who supposedly originally discovered Jamaica.

But, nowadays, with the terrific popularity of Spanish reggae, it seems Jamaica has had more influence on Spain than Spain ever had on Jamaica, doesn’t it?

Want to take a look at how and why reggae sprung up in Jamaica, eventually spreading worldwide?…

Well, you’ll learn all about that on this page.


You’ll also discover a video clip of Don Omar singing Pobre Diabla further down.

And, if you wish to check out and listen to some of Daddy Yankee’s Spanish Reggae Lyrics, please click here.


Spanish Reggae Music – Jamaica

Round about 1494, the Spanish discovered Jamaica and settled there.

It was already inhabited by indigenous peoples – but many died, unaccustomed to illnesses and diseases brought in by Spanish settlers.

So … the Spanish transported Africans to this beautiful island, to use as slaves.

It’s these slaves we have to thank for reggae roots – originally closely linked to the Rastafarianism religion.

By the way … the Spanish left Jamaica in 1655 – when the English took over.


Spanish Reggae Music – Panama

You have the Puerto Ricans to thank for really popularising spanish reggae.

They took the beats and rhythms from Panama, incorporating their own influences of hip hop, dancehall, rapping …

Since the mid-1990s, the term reggaeton has been used to describe the more developed spanish reggae style … and it’s popularity increases …


Spanish Reggae Music – Video

Want to listen to Don Omar’s Pobre Diabla …

Just click on the arrow in the center of the screen to play – it only lasts a few minutes.

However, should you wish to stop it before the end, you can always click on the two short lines which appear on the bottom, left-hand side …


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