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3D Printed Items That Can Help With Your Travel

Although not considered a lot more helpful for its day-to-day functionality earlier, 3D printers have changed that conception lately. The matter of fact is that these machines, after becoming accessible have given users more room for creativity than ever. One can utilize 3D printers for a variety of usual jobs. From arranging homes with beautiful hacks to making travels smarter. 3D Printers could become a huge addition to one’s home.

Don’t believe us? How about finding it on your own. We have curated a list of useful 3D printed items that can become a boon for travelers.

List of 3D Printed Items for Making Travels Smoother

In these many years, experts have found places for 3D printers in almost every domain. Either its medical science, aerospace, dental industry, automobile, food and what not, these machines are expanding exponentially in terms of their application. However, we often debate about the usability of 3D printers at home.

Well, if that is what is keeping you away from getting hands on these amazing machines, this article might help you out. 3D printers come in various shapes and differing features. Based on different 3D printing technology, the end results vary a lot. However, those machines designed for home use, are much easier to handle. Mostly based on FDM technology, the learning graph isn’t as intimidating as that related to industrial 3D printers.

Hence, if you are up for some great suggestion, sticking to the topic, let’s explore the travel companions you can design using 3D printers.

Travel Kit – The Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush holder

We decided to start out list with the most essential item, the toothbrush holder. Travelers often tend to snuggle their brush and related items in the side pockets of their suitcase, only to find it all messed up. Even those who are regular travelers often forget to give attention to the minute traveling hacks to ensure happy teeth, no matter how long they have to stay out.

Also, securing your toothbrush from bathroom germs could help avoid many health problems. How can we not take extra precaution when the world is already witnessing the COVID 19 pandemic? So, why not 3D print it in style?

Travel Tag

Luggage tag

Are you someone who likes to be extra cautious about your belongings? If that is so, you must like to travel with tags to secure your luggage from similar looking suitcases. It might seem funny, but problems with switching luggage at airports and railway stations is a serious problem. So, how about tagging your suitcase with this amazing 3D printed travel tag?

It is easy to use and very stylish. Write your personal details on a piece of paper and roll it inside this tag. The easy to fit screw cap would do the rest. It is compact and can help retrieve your lost luggage.

Earplug Cable Holder

Earplug cable organizer

Cannot miss your earphones when traveling? We thought so. However, it is quite daunting to deal with the tangled wires stuck with other items in your bag. And, carrying cases could often seem like an extra burden. But with 3D printer, you can create a very durable and handy earphone holder.

An earplug holder not only saves space and avoid you from getting into extra work of detangling the wire, but also protects your expensive earphones. Easy to print and manage when traveling. The 3D design comes with proper instruction to use the hack.

What makes the entire deal so best is that the 3D design is free to download. Plus, the design is easy to 3D print as well.

Travel Razor Box

razor box

The basic travel items are the most difficult ones to manage. Wouldn’t you agree anymore? And, this list includes razors, blades and what not. Hence, to make your travel smart and effortless, 3D print this amazing design to ensure your items are securely packed.

Starting from razor, to new blades as well as earbuds, you can put in a lot of items without any hassle. Plus, you can even upgrade the design depending on the size of razor you wish to fit inside the box. The travel box is easy to print and comes with a few openings for ensuring proper air circulation. So, do not forget about rusts and stinky smells.

GoPro Battery Travel Case

GoPro Travel Battery Case

Nothing sounds better than an organized luggage. Place your hand and find the tiniest of things without hassling through the entire suitcase. And, you can do that without spending a lot of money on expensive battery organizers or carry cases.

Sounds exciting? Why not check out this battery travel case design on Thingiverse and manage at most three batteries and two SD cards. Moreover, the case is compact for easy travel. And, you can forget worrying about these important items when securing inside the dust and shock proof case. Isn’t that wonderful?

The Coffee Lover

Coffee Mug Holder

Traveling is hectic and missing out on coffee breaks could be even more frustrating. But paper cups aren’t that easy to handle when carrying your favorite hot drinks. Especially when you are already traveling with a bunch of bags strapped on your shoulders.

That is why, 3D printing this amazing coffee cup sleeve could be a fun way to say goodbyes to those hassles when drinking your reviving hot drink. Hold your coffee paper cups inside this stylish holder and sip without any worry.

The Takeaway

While 3D printing has helped with various aspects of everyday life, traveling still stays one of the most prominent ones. With many beautiful and handy designs, one can organize travel smartly. Plus, 3D printers allow to customize the models as per need. Giving more space to deal with specific needs. Such as smaller tags, bigger coffee holder and much more.

So, if you think 3D printer isn’t a worthy investment, think again? Life certainly would become easier. All you have to do is find the right 3D design, if you aren’t interested in creating one. You can get huge help from the already growing community.

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