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List Of Numbers In Spanish

Looking for a List Of Numbers In Spanish so you can count the Spanish sheep in the picture above, to help you fall asleep at night?...

... Well, on this page, you'll find Spanish numbers clearly explained ... but starting at one hundred.

If you've not already done so, it's best to learn the Spanish numbers up to 100 first ...

You'll discover them by clicking here.

Do try to fully assimilate counting in Spanish from 1-100 before continuing, because the rules for those numbers also apply to figures over one hundred.

For example, the Spanish for 16 (diecis is) is a contraction - of ten and six (diez y s is) - and this same contraction is used when 16 is used in cardinal numbers of more than 100 (eg 116, 216 etc).

So, make sure the lower Spanish numbers are clear in your mind before you continue.

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Numbers In Spanish - Using Cien

You're already aware that the Spanish for one hundred is cien or ciento.

The problem is, when should you use cien and when should you use ciento?...

When there is exactly one hundred of something and the number is used with the noun, you use the shortened form cien, whether that noun is masculine or feminine.

For example:

  • cien libros (one hundred books)
  • cien plumas (one hundred pens)

When you want to form numbers with 100, you would use ciento. For example:

  • 101 : ciento uno (100/ciento + 1/uno = ciento uno)
  • 114 : ciento catorce (100/ciento + 14/catorce = ciento catorce)
  • 127 : ciento veintisiete (ciento + veintisiete = ciento veintisiete)
  • 165 : ciento sesenta y cinco (ciento + sesenta y cinco = ciento sesenta y cinco)

Observe that "y" is NOT used to separate hundreds from tens and only used in numbers 131-199 (also 231-299, 331-399, etc).

In other words:

  • ciento tres (103) NOT ciento y tres
  • ciento noventa y nueve (199) NOT ciento y noventa y nueve

Spanish Numbers - 200-999

To count up in hundreds, the plural form of ciento is used - cientos - along with the appropriate number, and it is written as one word.

So, counting up in hundreds as far as a thousand, your List Of Numbers In Spanish would read:

  • 200 : doscientos
  • 300 : trescientos
  • 400 : cuatrocientos
  • 500 : quinientos
  • 600 : seiscientos
  • 700 : setecientos
  • 800 : ochocientos
  • 900 : novecientos

Observe the slight irregularities in quinientos, setecientos and novecientos.

The Spanish numbers 200, 300, 400 etc have masculine and feminine forms. For example:

  • doscientos libros (200 books - masculine noun)
  • doscientas plumas (200 pens - feminine noun)

Counting In Spanish - Examples Under 1000

Using the Spanish numbers you have learnt so far and applying the relevant rules, here are examples of a few numbers between one hundred and a thousand.

  • 153 : ciento cincuenta y tres
  • 325 : trescientos veinticinco
  • 513 : quinientos trece
  • 777 : setecientos setenta y siete
  • 802 : ochocientos dos
  • 948 : novecientos cuarenta y ocho

List Of Numbers In Spanish - Over 1000

The Spanish for a thousand is, simply, mil, and this form is used when counting with other numbers.

However, should you wish to say "thousands of books", you would use the plural - "miles de libros".

Examples of some Spanish numbers using mil are:

  • 1,000 : mil
  • 10,000 : diez mil
  • 100,000 : cien mil
  • 1,316 : mil trescientos diecis is
  • 12,855 : doce mil ochocientos cincuenta y cinco
  • 362,121 : trescientos sesenta y dos mil ciento veintiuno

Counting In Spanish - Millions

The Spanish for a million is un mill n.

Notice that, unlike the Spanish for a thousand, you need to include un.

The same rule applies for the Spanish number for a billion - un bill n. You have to include the un.

To make the plural of mill n or bill n, you just add -es and remove the accent.

Examples of these higher Spanish numbers would be:

  • 2,457,022
  • dos millones cuatrocientos cincuenta y siete mil veintidos
  • 5,382,368
  • cinco millones trescientos ochenta y dos mil trescientos sesenta y ocho

Remember, for your List of Numbers In Spanish under 100, click here.

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