Yacht docked in Mallorca

Spain as a Yacht Charter Destination

Luxury superyacht charters can be organized at fair and unexpected prices. If you want to tour the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline of Spain, using private boats is the best option as the crew will guide you to the best spots. In recent years, Spain has recorded exponential growth as a yacht charter vacation destination in the Mediterranean. T

Spain is a representation of the potential and passion of a fabulous culture. From the teasing bull’s events to Sangria including the rich characters of the people, are the more reasons to charter a yacht or a boat in Spain. Hence, Balearic Islands found on the Western side of the Mediterranean Sea are a favourite charter destination in Spain. The journey begins and ends in either Mallorca or Ibiza.

Let’s have a look at some of the best places to visit in Spain.


Experience a contrast between the verdant mountains and sandy beaches, the nightlife and medieval architecture by visiting Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. Adults and children alike will have a fabulous time touring the myriad of caves found along the coastline. Younger children will have a suitable and safe place to play in the shallow but clear water. They can learn a new skill or play using towable and inflatable toys. Spend your nights partying in Magaluf at the high-end bars and clubs. However, if you want a serene and quiet environment, Pollenca located on the northern side of the Island is an ideal location. It is not only close to the beach, but you can easily access the tracks in the grassy hill.


Menorca has more beaches than Ibiza, Mallorca and Formentera put together. Charter a boat in Spain and experience the difference. The attractions in Menorca, include stunning cultural and archaeological sites situated all over the Island. Menorca is an ideal place for yacht charterers as they get to enjoy diving experiences in the clear waters. As a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Menorca has routes and trails that are marked, while the nature reserve at S’Albufera d’Es Grau has a variety of aquatic and migratory birds.


Ibiza is also known as “White Island” due to its typical architecture. Ibiza is also renowned worldwide. If you want to charter a boat or a yacht in Spain, make sure to sail to Ibiza and experience lively nightlife and outstanding entertainment. Besides, entertainment goes on through the day on the street markets, concerts, open-air concerts and terrace bars.

On the other hand, Ibiza is a UNESCO World Heritage destination for its archaeological museums and history. Choose to spend your day touring the ancient heritage of the Island, but you can also relax along the white sand beaches, visit the tiny coves and engage in water activities.

Like in various parts of the Mediterranean, the season to charter a boat or a yacht in Spain starts in the fourth month and ends in the tenth. Hot weather starts in the seventh  and eight month respectively.  It is also a time when the winds are light making this duration a high season for yachts.

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