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Ten Best Investment Ideas in Spain

How about ten of the best investment ideas for those of you who found it hard enough building your nest egg in the first place … and are now wondering where on earth is the best place to invest it?

Fortunately, Robin – our fully-qualified financial adviser – solves this problem for you in the following article!

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But let’s start off with “Ten of the Best” from Robin …


Our list of the 10 best investment ideas for Spanish investors

It is always difficult to know where one should invest. We often talk of diversification and this can be achieved by having a variety of fund types. This means that if one market goes down the other may go up.

An interesting development made last year by insurance giant Skandia is the Global Best Ideas Fund. To some the name might sound too simple, in fact, simplicity is the key to this fund which has taken in £300 million of investors’ money.

Last time I wrote about holding investments in the most tax efficient arrangement and in such a way so as to reduce taxes here in Spain to a negligible amount. Through this arrangement the Global Best Ideas Fund is available from as little as £10,000 (or €15,000) and is wholly recognised by Spain’s tax authorities.

Ten of the World’s top fund managers have been selected, each an expert in their own field. So in one fund you have access to fund managers such as Gartmore, Merrill Lynch, Framlington, Artemis, Martin Currie and New Star. In turn, these fund managers have been asked to select the ten best investment ideas and cherry pick their top ten choicest stocks.

Ultimately, this exciting new fund brings together the best investment ideas from some of the finest minds in the investment industry.

In the past 12 months the Global Best Ideas Fund has grown by 22.3% (to 27/6/07). Most fund managers should have done well over this period but for those FTSE 100 watchers, this index increased by 15.4%, a healthy increase but because the Global Best Ideas Fund is actively managed, an extra 7% was earned. In real terms, an extra €7,000 on a €100,000 investment which I think would please most people.

All ten managers have an interesting mandate to simply choose their ten best stocks i.e. the first stocks that they would invest in themselves.

Bringing together the leading lights of the investment industry in one fund is also likely to generate healthy competition. Each manager will be striving to deliver the best performance. None will want to be beaten by their peers and this should urge on the performance of the fund as a whole.

In conclusion, the Skandia Global Best Ideas Fund has the potential to invest in the greatest ideas and stocks that offer the prospect of a high return from some of the very best fund managers in the industry.

Robin’s a professionally-qualified financial adviser, his company having some 40 regulated advisers throughout the EU. If you’d like to ask him a question, or contact him to discuss financial or investment matters in confidence, please fill in the short form on this page.

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