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Deposit Account Alternatives in Spain

Here’s the financial advice Robin Beven offered when asked to suggest an alternative to bank deposit accounts.

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But now, let’s look at that interesting alternative to bank deposit accounts …

Your Question

Can you suggest a better alternative than my bank deposit? I’m currently getting 4.75% on my sterling deposit account.

Robin Answers …

With interest rates likely to peak commercial property funds should be a good bet because they aim to return around seven to eight per cent each year.

Unlike bank deposit accounts, you should be aware that the capital is not guaranteed but there are several funds available in the market place that have provided excellent returns over many years.

For example, Norwich Property Fund is one such fund that has been around for many years that provides sound returns to those cautious investors.

These commercial property funds enable investors to spread their risk over a broad range of properties and, through a collective fund, an investor can put in as little as £10,000 which makes them very accessible to the average person.

Where residential property could now be considered over-valued in the UK, commercial property still represents good value and is not correlated to the stock market so this means lower risk.

Most funds actually hold physical properties such as offices, industrial and retail.

Apart from any possible future growth in the value of these properties held within a fund their long term tenants – often government departments as well as large companies – must pay rental income of five or six per cent each year as well, which serves to increase the return to investors.

The good news is that some property funds can be held in arrangements that grow without taxes and are extremely tax efficient when income is drawn upon.

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