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Lyrics to the Spanish National Anthem

Did you know the spanish national anthem has no words?…
Recently, in Spain, a competition was held to compose suitable lyrics for their wordless anthem …

… After all, it’s a bit embarrassing when Spanish sportsmen/women win medals and cups, their national anthem plays, yet there are no words to sing, isn’t it?

The winner of the lyric competition was one unemployed Paulino Cubero … and you’ll find both the Spanish version and an English translation further down this page.


You’ll also be able to listen to a video clip of our – so far – wordless anthem as, unfortunately, at the time of writing, no lyrics have yet been officially added, but are still under discussion.

In the past, the Spanish anthem did, in fact, have lyrics – one version during King Alfonso XIII’s reign, and another during Franco’s dictatorship.

Nowadays, Spain’s national anthem is known as La Marcha or The Royal March.

Going back, it has also been referred to as La Marcha Granadera or March of the Grenadiers.

So, how about taking a look at its possible new lyrics, a video clip of the Royal March, plus its history and origins?…


spanish national anthem – winner of lyrics competition

Viva Espana!
Cantemos todos juntos
con distinta voz
y un solo corazon.

Viva Espana!
Desde los verdes valles
al inmenso mar,
un himno de hermandad.

Ama a la Patria
pues sabe abrazar,
bajo su cielo azul,
pueblos en libertad.

Gloria a los hijos
que a la Historia dan
justicia y grandeza
democracia y paz.

English translation of Spain’s National Anthem

Long live Spain!
Let us all sing together
with different voices
and one heart.

Long live Spain!
From the green valleys
to the vast sea
a hymn of brotherhood.

Love the fatherland
as it knows how to embrace
under its blue sky
peoples in freedom.

Glory to its children
who to History give
justice and grandeur
democracy and peace.

Video of the Spanish National Anthem

To listen to the music of Spain’s national anthem, just click on the arrow in the center of the screen to play – you’ll find it doesn’t last long.

However, should you wish to stop it before the end, you can always click on the two short lines which appear on the bottom, left-hand side …


spanish national anthem – history

How about a learning little of the national anthem’s history?

Here we go then …

The national anthem of Spain was first mentioned in a document dated 1761, although its precise origins are uncertain.

At this time, it was called La Marcha Granadera.

It wasn’t until 1770 that King Carlos III made the Marcha Granadera the official March to be played at public events.

Following this, the Spanish adopted it as their national anthem, re-naming it the Marcha Real.

During the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939), the Marcha Real was replaced by el Himno de Riego.

However, at the end of the Civil War, Franco once again used the Marcha Real as the national anthem, but with its original title of the Marcha Granadera.

And that just about wraps up your history lesson about the Spanish National Anthem!…


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