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Spanish Happy Birthday Lyrics

“Below you’ll find two different spanish happy birthday lyrics …
The text of each version is written down, and is followed by a video clip where you can hear the lyrics being sung.

So, go over the words first, then play the video clip and sing along with it.

You’ll soon be perfect!

Sing the first version to the same tune as the ever-popular “Happy Birthday To You”.

By the way, do you know where “Happy Birthday To You” originates?…


…Well, round about 1893, two sisters – Mildred Hill and Dr Patty Hill – together wrote a song entitled “Good Morning To You All”.

Some years later – in 1924 – Robert H Coleman of the United States, wrote and published a second verse, using the sisters´ tune without their permission. This was the familiar “Happy Birthday To You”.

Mr Coleman´s second verse became popular. Eventually, the sisters´ original first verse and title disappeared, and their song is now known as “Happy Birthday To You”.

The song spread from the United States to Western Europe round about the 1920s-1930s.

Over recent years, it’s become increasingly popular in Spain, tending to replace more traditional methods of celebration.

So, here are the Spanish Happy Birthday lyrics, followed by a video clip, which are sung to “Happy Birthday To You”, though I have also heard other versions …


spanish happy birthday lyrics – version 1

Cumpleaños Feliz,
Te deseamos a ti,
Qué los cumplas en tu día,
Qué los complas feliz.

spanish happy birthday lyrics – video 1

And here you have the video clip, so that you can sing along as well.

Please click on the arrow in the middle of the screen to start the video.

It doesn’t last very long but, if you wish to stop it, just click on the two short double lines you’ll find on the bottom left-hand side.


spanish happy birthday lyrics – version 2

The Spanish also have a song of their own, which has traditionally been sung at birthdays, and is still very much in use to-day.

Here, you have the lyrics in Spanish, followed by an English translation …

Feliz, feliz en tu día,
Amiguito(a) qué Dios te bendiga,
Qué reine la paz en tu día,
Y qué cumplas muchos más.

Happy, happy on your day,
Friend, may God bless you,
May peace reign on your day,
And may you have/complete many more (birthdays, years).

spanish happy birthday lyrics – video 2

And, here you have the video clip …

traditions before singing happy birthday became customary

Over recent years, there’s been a gradual switch in Spain away from celebrating the Catholic Saint´s day or name day, in favor of celebrating the day on which a person was born.

Each saint has his/her own special day in the calendar and, on that day, children named after the saint celebrate and receive presents/cards.

In olden days, children in traditional Catholic families would be named after the saint on whose day they were born.

Later, children were given a saint´s name as a first or middle name so that the child could have a saint´s day.

Although celebrating the birthday has increased in popularity, the Catholic tradition of recognizing the saint´s day is still very strong.

With the Spanish love of fiestas and parties, what tends to happen is that there are now two reasons for partying instead of just one – the birthday and the saint´s day.

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