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Simple Tapas Guide, Recipes, & More!

“Tapas cuisine is wonderfully delicious, and incredibly good for you!”

Tapas Ebook

Inside this easy-to-follow e-book on Spanish Tapas Recipes, you’ll discover and learn for yourself how to make 300 simple, scrumptious and healthy tapas dishes!

Use these versatile, affordable, and mouth-watering recipes as your healthy solution to


  • snack cravings
  • dinner parties
  • packed lunches
  • main meals


… and to tempt kids to eat
a healthy diet!

“A wonderful resource … my weight’s gone down, along with Alan’s cholesterol … and our two kids are finally getting enough vegetables!”

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Simple Tapas Recipes – Wonderfully Healthy

Did you know that Spain is listed as 5th in the Top Ten list of the world’s healthiest countries?

Occurrences of heart disease in Spain are among the lowest in the world.

This is due in no small part to the delightful and wonderfully healthy Spanish Mediterranean diet.

And people like you from all over the world are finally sitting up and taking notice!

Barely a few years ago, it seemed practically no one outside of Spain had ever even heard the word “Tapas”, let alone knew what it was.

It was a pleasure known only to the adventurous traveler, the lover of exotic cuisine, and of course, the Spanish.

But in recent years, it seems everywhere you go, you can readily find a Tapas bar or restaurant.

The growing popularity of Tapas is well deserved, as more and more people are discovering that these marvelously tempting dishes are not only inexpensive and easy to make, but are fantastically healthy as well!


“Simple Tapas Recipes – What Are Tapas?”

So, you ask, what exactly are Tapas?

In Spanish cuisine, Tapas is the name for a wide-ranging and flavorful assortment of appetizers.

Tapas cuisine comes in hot and cold varieties.

In addition to the mouth-watering textures and rich flavours that make up Tapas, they are also magnificently versatile and adaptable.

Suitable for buffet or banquet, Tapas can easily be made into full meals … either by increasing ingredients, combining two or three recipes, or adding a side salad or rice.

Your imagination and culinary talents are free to experiment with Tapas!


“Simple Tapas Recipes – Healthy Solutions To Snack Cravings”

We all want to eat healthier, but sometimes that just isn’t so easy.

Health food can be expensive, bland and unsatisfying.

Our desire to snack seems to be built-into our nature as human beings, and health food doesn’t really do the trick.

At the same time, the usual assortment of processed snacks you tend to reach for, like chips, crisps, cheese puffs, cream cakes and donuts, are not only unhealthy, but loaded with fats and calories.

A few examples of ingredients commonly used in Tapas include:


  • olives
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • fish
  • chicken


All very healthy ingredients, I’m sure you’ll agree!

What’s more, these healthy ingrediants are artfully combined to produce dishes that are not only mouth-watering, but eye-catching and versatile.

They’re ideal for taking to work and school … and children love them because they’re novel, yummy and fun!

Now, let’s put practical, healthy considerations aside for a moment …


“Simple Tapas Recipes – Improve Your Social Life”

Tapas are a wonderful and delicious way to enhance your social life as well!

Consider these social benefits:


  • Tapas offer a colorful, romantic, delectable and distinctive way to make an impression on your special someone.
  • Tapas are an exciting and different way to entertain and impress your guests at your next dinner gathering or party.
  • If you’ve been to Spain, what better way to keep those cherished memories alive in your present moment?



“Simple Tapas Recipes – Food Not Photos!”

Imagine this:

You invite your friends over to show them pictures of your vacation to Spain.

Now, we all have known the dread involved when someone invites us over to see pictures of their vacation!

So here are your friends, comfortably settled in at your house, enjoying a drink and some light conversation.

They’re outwardly expressing interest … but inwardly expecting an evening of boring pictures.

NOW imagine, as you turn down the lights, put on some Spanish folk music, and completely surprise your guests with trays of delicious, irresistible Tapas that you made for them!

While they watch your slides, their senses will come alive! They will almost feel the last rays of heat from the gently setting Spanish sun warming their faces, as they are swept away by the charming music and delighting in the marvelous, mouth-watering textures and rich flavours of the Tapas cuisine you created especially for this memorable night!

Don’t be surprised when they all start requesting these wonderful recipes from you!

And when they do, be sure to mention that they can get them right here!

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Simple Tapas Recipes

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