Picture of a spanish style omelette (called a tortilla)

The Spanish Style Omelette “Tortilla” Tapas Recipe

spain’s famous tortilla –
or spanish style omelette

tried and tested recipe for spanish style omelette –
better known in spain as tortilla

Not a particularly good photo of the tortilla I recently made – afraid I’m not that hot with the camera!

However, it tasted delicious and was enjoyed by all!

Spanish omelette is certainly one of the best-known and most popular of tapas dishes … but, why should this be?

Well, apart from being lip-smackingly good to eat, ingredients for the traditional tortilla recipe are basic and economical. After all, who can’t lay their hands on a few eggs and potatoes?

Having said that, if you don’t happen to have potatoes in your cupboard, then you make the filling out of whatever you fancy or have – spinach, peas, beans … it’s up to you to decide.

The recipe below is for a traditional potato-and-onion omelette, and is one of 300 dishes you’ll discover in my Spanish Tapas E-book, along with other tortilla recipes.

If you prefer, you can parboil the potatoes first – then you won´t need to fry them so long.

Unlike a French omelette, you’ll need to cook a Spanish tortilla slowly, over a low heat, taking care not to overcook, as you want the end result juicy rather than rubbery.

Traditionally, you’d tip the tortilla on a plate and return to pan to brown the other side, but you’ll find simply browning under the grill a whole lot easier.




Ingredients – for 4 people

  • 2 medium potatoes – peeled and diced 1cm square, or thickly sliced
  • 6 eggs – lightly beaten
  • 1 onion – peeled and chopped
  • 1 clove garlic – peeled and crushed with salt
  • Olive oil
  • Seasoning


  • Heat oil in pan, add onion and garlic and soften.
  • Introduce potato and sauté.
  • Lower heat, cover pan, cook until potatoes are tender.
  • Tip potato mixture in with beaten eggs.
  • Transfer to another pan with clean oil.
  • Cook over low heat 10-15 minutes until mixture is just set.
  • Brown upper-side under hot grill.
  • Leave to cool, then carefully turn out.
  • Serve in triangles or bite-sized squares.


“You’ll also discover more delicious, traditional Spanish recipes on this page. Enjoy!”

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